Her Excellency Ms Pia Stjernvall, the Ambassador of Finland to Kosovo, visited a fellow Finn Prof Harri Tuomola, the Executive Director of IBC-M. They toured the campus and discussed different topics in the warm college atmosphere, among them the higher education in both countries and relations of students with the Finnish universities.

Finnish education is one of the best education systems in the world. Higher education institutes are more practice-oriented and give more flexibility to students to pursue their aspirations. Many countries try to follow their steps, Kosovo among them.

Kosovo being a developing country thriving to be part of the EU, is working hard to establish a full-functioning educational system, which will prepare Kosovo’s youth for the future job market. One college which follows Finland’s example and is practical and student-oriented is IBC-M. This college was founded in 2010 and is financed by the EU. It offers qualitative education and international experience for its students within three management spurs.