International Experience at The International Business College Mitrovica

Starting from the IBC-M vision to become an internationally recognized center of excellence, international experience is a crucial component of all IBC-M operations. In order to maintain, but also to strengthen the international character of the institution, IBC-M takes an active part in Erasmus+ programs with an extensive network of partners from the European Union and Western Balkans. Apart from internationalization at home (studies in English, international double diplomas, German accreditation, international management and staff, student and staff participation in international projects) a lot of efforts are invested into successful implementation of student and staff mobilities under the framework of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Projects (KA1). Within Erasmus+ KA2 component and under Capacity Building of Higher Education (CBHE), IBC-M is leading few projects in the consortium with national and international partners by joining the efforts to achieve project objectives. In addition, IBC-M is also utilizing all benefits and building its staff and institutional capacities by being engaged as a partner in few other Erasmus+ CBHE projects that are currently implemented.

IBC-M is a very dynamic organization aiming to reach out internationally and there is a huge potential for future internationalization of the institution by incorporating all ethnic groups and communities in Kosovo.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Project (ICM)

The Erasmus+ is a European Commission programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as to modernise education, training, and youth work. It provides opportunities to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. It supports transnational partnerships among Education, Training and Youth organizations in order to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps Europe is facing. Erasmus+ exchanges are enabling knowledge and experiences that contribute to further college development.

IBC-M takes an active part in Erasmus+ programs with an extensive network of partners from the European Union and Western Balkans. International exchanges are rare opportunities for many IBC-M students and staff, citizens of Kosovo in particular, to travel abroad and learn how institutions operate in developed EU countries.

Exchange Partners

IBC-M considers the mobility of students and staff as an important factor for high-quality education. Therefore, we are building an extensive network of international partners with whom we conduct exchanges, providing our students and staff with opportunities for an experience abroad, but also hosting foreign students and staff in Mitrovica contributing to the international environment at the college. IBC-M international partnerships are important for further development of cooperation between these institutions and for enhancing internalization at higher educational institutions involved.

Currently, IBC-M has signed cooperation agreements for student and staff exchanges with the following institutions:





University College Denmark (UCL)





ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges


Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)


Hämeenlinna, Finland



ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges



ISCAP (Business School of Accounting and Administration)


Porto, Portugal  


ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges




Staffordshire University Stoke, United Kingdom  








ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges


University of the Peloponnese  

Kalamata, Greece

ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges



Pamukkale University (PAU)


Pamukkale, Turkey




ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges



Polonia University (Pau)  

Częstochowa, Poland





ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges



Institute of Communication Studies (ICS)


Skoplje, North Macedonia  

ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges



Vilnius University of Applied Sciences (VIKO)


Vilnus, Lithuania ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges

Double Degree



Geisenheim University



Geisenheim, Germany





ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges




University of National and World Economy (UNWE)  

Sofia, Bulgaria  


ERASMUS+ students and staff exchanges




Student exchanges

IBC-M students who will be participating in exchanges abroad will be equipped with international experience and required set of skills for demanding labor markets; will be able to understand different cultures, values, attitudes and will have an opportunity to learn how to communicate with people from different countries and different background. Furthermore, students’ international and intercultural competences will be strengthened, so mobilities and participation in international projects will equip them with necessary skills to act as professionals in the public multi-diverse society. Such opportunities will further develop their competences and prepare them properly for the upcoming challenges in EU integration process.

Outgoing student exchanges

All students at IBC-M have access to international exchange opportunities, whether through study visits for regular study semesters or work experience in a form of an internship. As a result of the IBC-M partnerships with foreign institutions Erasmus+ our students have gone on study exchanges in Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland. Such opportunities are offered to top-performing students and there are certain criteria in place that must be fulfilled. In order to have a fair and transparent process of selection, all exchange possibilities are presented to students in a form of open calls. Interested applicants are applying to IBC-M where the first selection by relevant panel is completed. After the selection is done, IBC-M officially nominates selected students to receiving partner institution abroad. If students have completed the first year of study; are in good academic standing; attend classes regularly; have no tuition fee debts; demonstrate cross cultural competencies, they can apply to study abroad in the framework of Erasmus+ program with covered costs for one or two semesters at one of the exchange partner institutions.

Incoming student exchanges

The entire study program at IBC-M is exclusively delivered in the English language which makes it fully available for all incoming students interested to complete at least one semester at IBC-M. To study at IBC-M, interested applicants must be nominated by a home institution; need to obtain legal right to be in the country; submit transcripts from home university; demonstrate strong English skills and cross-cultural competencies.

Staff exchanges

IBC-M aims for continuous staff professional development (both academics and administrative) considering the fact that team members have to be aware of the newest trends and teaching methods in relevant fields; must be given a chance to gain the best international knowledge and practices, to get experience how different educational systems are functioning in developed European countries, as well as to gain experience working with students and staff from different cultures and nationalities. Such activities will trigger creativity and innovation in their work at home institutions leading to a higher level of quality of education and other services provided by IBC-M. Exchanges of the administrative staff will also contribute to the efficiency in daily work at the home institution. Teacher exchange activities are also a cultural learning experience and a way of expanding and enriching a teacher’s pedagogical expertise. Once confirmed with receiving institution, staff exchange opportunities are presented to IBC-M staff in a form of open calls with the aim to make the whole process transparent and public. There are certain criteria that must be met for staff who wants to take part in exchanges abroad.  Similar to the process of student exchanges, interested staff members are applying to IBC-M first where selection by the relevant panel is completed at the first instance. As a next step, IBC-M officially nominates selected staff members to receive partner institutions abroad.