Project name: English Language Support Grant

Donor: US Embassy in Kosovo

Project duration: October 2018 – July 2019

Executive summary

Under the supported topics of the call, IBC-M established a program that taught English and provided knowledge upscaling courses for unemployed youth and working professionals. The project was delivered through two-phase approach:

Phase I-Building of the base of the English language

Phase II-Knowledge upscale through courses in business, public administration, and environment and agriculture sectors.

Target groups: unemployed youth and working professionals from Mitrovica North and South.

Delivery timeline: October 2018-July 2019, courses were delivered during after-study/after-work

hours and weekends.

A total of 68 participants received the training (47 from North Mitrovica and 21 from South).

IBC-M  also cooperated with James Medison University in the field of English language teaching and had their expert Dr. Shoffner visit our college and provide ToT to Teachers of English Language from North and South secondary schools in academic writing, public speaking, critical/creative thinking, and English language teaching.

Within the project, on the initiative of JMU, a mixed group of 4 teachers from North and South Mitrovica was invited by the university for 10 days training in advanced methods of teaching language as a Second Language.