Service Sectors

Through our Business Services Department, we are offering a wide range of services. Below you can find the different sectors within which our services fall under.

Business Management

Provides services which apply comprehensive business, management, marketing and entrepreneurship expertise using a considerable portfolio of industry experience.

Expertise: accounting, finance, market selection and penetration, growth strategies, internationalization, organizational management, strategic marketing, logistics, negotiations and sales, project management.

Public Sector

Supports the development of modern and effective public administration management practices rooted in social, democratic and economic theory.

Expertise: Human development, human rights, policy development, applied innovation, project management, public budgeting, intercultural communication, legal systems, European Union integration.

Environment & Agriculture

We propose solutions for the management of critical environmental issues and agricultural production based on expertise in modern environmental and agro-business practices and trends.

Expertise: Ecology, natural resource management, food safety, food quality, green energy, waste management, conservation, restoration, and habitat management.[