IBC-M Business and Consulting Services Department has been functional since 2014 working on a range of projects, building capacities and providing tailored consultancy services to small and medium businesses, NGO sectors, public institutions throughout Kosovo. As of 2018 the Department has taken a modified and elaborated form of T2P Center.

T2P Center: Theory to Practice Center is a Project run under Erasmus + Capacity Building Project in Higher Education:” Creating Theory to Practice Centers for Innovation and Employment” (Years of Implementation: October 2017-October 2020).

Project Information: During the project implementation, 6 T2Ps will be established and attached to their original HEI in Kosovo – IBC-M, UHZ, UP, UNPZ, UASF, and CEPL. Their mission will be to provide research, develop case studies, maintain the network of experts, and regularly cooperate and coordinate their activities with enterprises, in three sectors: Agribusiness, Tourism and Environment, and Public Administration. More information can be found on https://www.t2p-centers.com.

What we do

IBC-M’s T2P Center delivers practical and problem-solving business services which support entrepreneurs and empower businesses and public bodies.

We offer tailored solutions which are based on international best practices and are sensitive to the needs of different local communities.

Our services draw on our wealth of specialized management experience and expertise, with a focus on three core fields:

  • Business Management
  • Environment & Agriculture
  • Public Sector

You can read more here.

What we want to achieve

We seek to create an environment in which every individual and organization can realize their full potential for success.

By harnessing the experience and expertise of our faculty, a participatory approach to learning, and our vast local and international networks, we strive to deliver market-leading solutions that empower those we work with.

In this way, we can contribute to the growth of inclusive communities and a dynamic economy in Mitrovica and across the region.

Our approach

We believe that effective, sustainable solutions to complex problems can only be found if all the relevant stakeholders feel responsibility and co-ownership. That’s why we place to practice and participation at the center of our teaching and learning model.

We deploy our understanding of the complex regional context, and our knowledge of international best-practice, to ensure that we offer quality solutions with outcomes that last.