Project name: Assistance to University of Petra in the Delivery and Implementation of an Extended Entrepreneurship and Creativity Course (15-week semester)


Donor: SPARK Jordan


Executive summary


IBCM assisted the University of Petra, Jordan to improve the relevance of their Entrepreneurship and Creativity course, thus improving the relevance of higher education for the labor market and society in Jordan through the extension of the existing Entrepreneurship and Creativity 7-week semester course, initially developed and implemented by IBCM.


IBCM, in coordination with SPARK Jordan and the University of Petra, implemented and delivered specific modules of the Entrepreneurship and Creativity course over the duration of the 15 week semester starting on 14th October 2018. This course reached 28 students and potential young entrepreneurs in the development of a sustainable business model for their business ideas. During the course, the students were engaged in both theoretical and practical elements related to Entrepreneurial Tradition and Heritage, the Development of Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurial Process, the Development of a Sustainable Business, elements of Financial Management, and a reflection process that will incorporate Entrepreneurship Change, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship. This project proposal was a natural continuation of the Entrepreneurship and Creativity 7-week semester course that was delivered by IBCM from 1st July 2018 and 16th August 2018, while the syllabus and material had been developed prior to the start of the course.