Regardless of area of study, IBC-M will challenge you to think critically. We’ll get you out of the classroom and into experiential learning opportunities to prepare you for the real world. Our alumni will inspire you with their stories on how their experience at IBC-M shaped their career.

Below we present the story of our Alumni, Tringë Gashi, who currently is working as Business Development Manager for SEA at PECB.

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1. What have you been up to in the years after your graduation?

Tringa: After graduating from IBCM there were a lot of things to look forward. I was implementing a project that I have been granted by US Embassy here in Kosovo, project was called “Together for Reconciliation”. At the same time I started to prepare for scholarship called TLP Scholarship that was given to Kosovo citizens to pursue masters in America. Fortunately I have one of recipients and had the chance to continue my studies in Public Administration at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

2. What are you doing these days?

Tringa: At the moment I’m still pursuing a lot of different things that will enable me to grow even more professionally. I work as Business Development Manager for SEA at PECB, I’m a board member of TLP Alumni Association that has around 300 members and now at IBC-M teaching communication class in English Preparatory Course. There are few other projects and ideas that I’m working in but for those maybe we will talk on the future.

3. How did you get the scholarship?

Tringa: Well that was a journey, as you may know I have already received one scholarship from US Embassy called IREX UGRAD scholarship where I was exchange student at Juniata Collage in Pennsylvania. This experience helped me to be a better candidate for TLP Scholarship. As I said earlier this was a journey, the application opened in October and I was going through different stages until it came last week of February 2015 and I received the e-mail that I have been long waiting stating that I’m going back to USA to pursue my masters studies

4. How do you feel IBC-M has prepared you for the future?

Tringa: IBC-M changed my life. I was the first generation that graduated from IBC-M in 2014 and looking at my self when I started school there and graduated I see a big change. IBC-M prepared me to work and study anywhere in the world. As I have mentioned, I one a scholarship while I was still a student here and that goes to all of my professors at IBC-M who pushed me to ask for more to learn more and who were always there for us to grow and learn everyday. IBC-M prepared to be one of the best candidate running for this scholarship.

5. What was the best thing about studying at IBC-M?

Tringa: The best thing studying at IBC-M is environment and people who surround you. You are always among family with IBC-M students, professors and staff .

6. What are your plans for the future?

Tringa: My future plans involve a lot of things, I just came back in Kosovo a year ago so I’m still working on different ideas where I want to be. However, one of my plans that will never change in the future is that I always want to be involved with students of IBC-M to share my experiences and help as much as I can.

7. What’s your advice to students?

Tringa: My main advice is read a lot and ask questions all the time. As you may have heard from a lot of people saying there is no such a thing as dumb question and I think if it’s preoccupying your mind then its better to ask. As Carl Sagan said on his book “There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question“

We at IBC-M would like to thank Tringa for her availability and willingness to respond and wish her all the best for her future plans.