IBC-M Management Structure

  • Board of Directors
  • College Directorate
  • Academic Council
  • Community Council
  • Student Representative Council

IBC-M’s organizational chart (click here)

Board of Directors

The IBC-M Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the institution. It has the overall responsibility for the conduct of the IBC-M, and the delivery of functions as described the law and the IBC-M Statutes.

  • Ms Regitze Kristensen, Chair
  • Mr Michael Hörig, Member
  • Mr Stefan Gerard M. Delplace, Member
  • Mr Besnik Krasniqi, Member
  • Mr Ljubiša Baščarević, Member

The College Directorate

Mihone Kerolli – Mustafa, College Director

Jelena Djokic, Academic Director

Academic Council

There are three academic departments and one language department at IBC-M, as well as a General Semester and a Master Programme. Each department is led by a Head of Department who is responsible for representing the department both internally and externally and overseeing and promoting the academic quality and/or strategic direction of the department.

  • Ardian Mernica, Quality Assurance
  • Bujar Gallopeni, Head of Public Administration & Welfare Department
  • Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, Head of Environmental & Agricultural Management Department
  • Jelena Stanojevic, General Semester Coordinator
  • Harri Tuomola, Master Programme Coordinator
  • Gabrijela Velickovic, Head of International Sales and Marketing Department

Heads of Departments, as well as programme coordinators, belong to the Academic Council which is led by the Academic Director. All study, internship, and examination regulations are made under the authority of the Academic Council, which is also responsible for the issuing of degrees, diplomas, and other awards made by IBC-M. The Academic Council ensures that the staff and students of the college have the freedom and security to question and challenge existing practices and principles within the college without risk or restriction. The council meets at least once a month.