IBC-M Management Structure

The governing bodies of IBC-M are the Steering Council, the Academic Council, and the Rector.

Steering Council

Prof. Dr. Bedri Peci – Chairman

Prof. Dr. Bedri Peci – CV

Prof. Ass. Dr. Sevim Mustafa – vicechair


Prof. Dr. Jelena Djokić

Prof. Dr. Jelena Djokić – CV

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Kyvete Shatri

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Kyrvete Shatri – CV

Prof. Ass. Dr. Agron Hajdari

Prof. Ass. Dr. Agron Hajdari – CV

Mr. Enis Subi

Mr. Enis Subi – CV




Prof. Dr. Mihone Kerolli – Mustafa


  • Vice-rector for teaching, academic and student affairs, and quality; Prof. Ass. Bujar Gallopeni
  • International cooperation, projects, innovation, and scientific research:  Prof. Dr. Ekrem Gjokaj
  • Budgets, finance, infrastructure and administration;

Academic Council

The academic council of the college is the highest academic body of the college.

Composition of the Academic Council:

The academic council consists of the following members with the right to vote:

  • Rector;
  • Vice-rectors;
  • Deans;
  • One member is chosen from the academic staff of each academic unit (so the total number of persons is the same as the number of deans.
  • College Quality Assurance Coordinator.
  • The president of the student representative council.

The general secretary of the college is a permanent member of the academic council, without the right to vote.