The 9th project meeting within the Erasmus+ project “Improving the Process of Education Through the Development of E-learning Multimedia Platform and Smart Classrooms”, that IBC-M participates in, took place from 19th to 21st of June at University Adriatic Bar, Faculty for Traffic, Communication and Logistic, in Budva, Montenegro.

During this event, there has been organized a number of training sessions for the academic and technical staff of 10 project partner institutions from Western Balkan and EU countries. During the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies in exchange for the e-teaching content in study courses between project partners and relevant multimedia classrooms. Accordingly, this was the unique opportunity for the project partners’ institutions to present their remote classrooms and share their own experience and expertise on digital education policies, technological infrastructure established for distance learning, and implemented approaches to hybrid lesson design and delivery that would bring entirely new study experience for the students, particularly those with special needs.

During this event, the training sessions were followed by a project management board meeting. In accordance with the meetings’ conclusions, it was defined a framework for future actions within all project’s working packages.