High-quality study programmes

IBC-M offers four unique, high-quality study programmes and that focus on ensuring that you gain practical work experience and skills for employment, as well as theoretical knowledge.

IBC-M offers three levels of qualification:
Bachelor: 3.5 years, equivalent to 210 ECTS, and
Master: 2 years, equivalent to 120 ECTS.

General Semester

The first semester of the Bachelor’s level at IBC-M is called the General Semester. You will take modules related to all three departments (Environmental & Agricultural Management, International Sales and Marketing, and Public Administration and Welfare).

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International Sales and Marketing Department

  • International Sales and Marketing (Bachelor)

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Public Administration Department

  • Public Administration and Welfare (Bachelor)

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Environmental & Agricultural Management Department

  • Environmental and Agricultural Management (Bachelor)

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Applied Information Technology

  • Applied IT (Bachelor)

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International Management and Leadership Department

  • International Management and Leadership

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High quality, International degrees

  • All of our study programmes are delivered in English. Every programme is taught using the “From Theory to Practice” learning model, meaning that you will gain real work experience and practical skills for employment.
  • We award Danish double degrees for our Bachelor’s Degrees. This means that our graduates receive a diploma from IBC-M and a diploma from one of our partner institutions in Denmark. We are accredited by the German accreditation agency EVALAG.
  • We use ECTS, meaning that your studies and qualifications can easily be transferred abroad.


Full-time internships are built into every programme of study at IBC-M. Through these placements, you will develop professional skills, gain work experience and build your networks for future employment.

Field trips & Guest Lecturers

Regular study visits and guest lectures from relevant companies, organizations, and institutions help to give real-world context to classroom learning. Read more about Field Trips, Guest lectures, and more on our News & Events page.

Study Exchanges

Through our partnership with Erasmus+, there are a limited number of opportunities to complete a semester abroad each year.

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