T2P IBC-M Startup Program (Incubator/Accelerator)


IBC-M in support of new entrepreneurs

The Students’ Startup Program within IBC-M Business Development Department/ T2P is operating since 2019, offering support to all students who are interested in starting their innovative business ideas.

IBC-M takes in young entrepreneurs from the early-growth stage and offers support in many aspects, such as:

  • Professional support, mentoring and advice.
  • Training in required areas.
  • Fully equipped facilities.

All startups go through two main stages:

  • Early-stage startup.
  • Pre-start and Start Phase.

IBC-M further supports the startups in search of funds and finance.


Professional support, mentoring and advice

Based on the initial idea of the young entrepreneur, IBC-M will assign mentor/s who fit best the profile of the startup business. The mentorship will be provided in sessions, either online or in person. These sessions will help the participants to practically understand their business, drafted plan, and evaluate it/modify it accordingly during implementation, using mentors for analysis and planning.

Our startup development team at T2P possess a vast experience in providing support and advice to businesses in the region, and will carefully listen to your startup ideas, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and assist you further develop it into a viable product. In the end, the final decision will be up to you. Our team will act in an advisory capacity only, and will help you define your goals and pursue them. Considering the protection of privacy and your ideas, the T2P team protects the confidentiality of all the information you share with them.

Sessions will be based on the request of the participants, but preliminary also foreseen twice a week.

Training in required areas

Teaching staff from our faculties represents the training pool of IBCM, who, together with their theoretical knowledge, have compulsory practical experience. Building in the pedagogical structure, IBC-M as diversified into advanced capacity building and professional skills development, will offer tailored programs and trainings to individuals in need, in order to equip them with the needed skills. All professional trainings apply interactive training methods for optimized learning and networking, and are tailored to the specific needs of both the organization/business and the individuals participating. Such an approach to professional training allows for an individual and participant-centered approach and is a proven method to ensure a high level of engagement and reward for participation.  

Fully equipped facilities

IBC-M takes pride in its infrastructure: state of the art IT equipment, computer labs, fast and stable Internet connection, the latest software products, etc. IBC-M learning spaces and rooms are in perfect condition for getting the maximum out of students and young startups, intending to fuse education and entrepreneurship into a context of prosperity for the community of Mitrovica and the region.

IBC-M spaces remain at the disposal of the selected startups. They would be allowed to use our premises as hubs, offices, laboratories and so on.

Young entrepreneurs have full access to T2P Center equipment, including computers, laptops, printers, and other relevant tools.



Early-stage startup

Early-stage of the startup is considered to be the early development of the business idea, which involves the initial refinement of ideas, market analysis, start of business plan development, finding the right people that you want to work with (if necessary), identifying your customers. Basically, at this stage, many aspects of the business are vague, usually, the management team is not fully identified, the product or service is either in development phase on in the trial period, hence, not yet in the market.


Pre-start and Start Phase

After the early stage, the pre-start and start-phase are all about the growth. This stage is more related to designing, experimenting, and making the right changes if needed. It can be considered as the production process, where you start the production, then you process and produce the output. At this phase, many changes will happen until the output suits the market needs. Finally, the business model is in place, and the product/service is ready to be delivered to customers. Ready business plans are now in search of the funds. IBC-M helps to apply for funds and manage the launch.


Currently (Spring 2020)  T2P IBC-M has been working with 5 participants/groups in their developments.

Some of our testimonials:

“I got the opportunity to be part of the T2P Centers for student startups. They believed in my idea, goal, and dream, and they did everything to support. It was easily one of the most informative, interactive, and inspiring experiences I have ever been a part of. In one word, “eye-opener” experience.

I am grateful to work with people who understand your idea, goal, and dream without doubting it. We made such progress together from the basics thing to the main things, and our adventure is continuing. This experience was an exciting and great adventure, I got to work with professional people who support you and I wanted to let you know that this program is perfect for anyone who has an idea, a vision for a business, they will help you in every form to pursue it. GO STARTUP Experience!” Anita Uka/IBC-M MM Student

“My name is Kaltrina Hyseni, and I am a sophomore studying Marketing and Management. I am also a part of the Theory to Practice (T2P) Center for students’ startup.

I feel fortunate for my idea to have been chosen as an innovative, creative one because now I can get professional help on how to improve it further and make sure we give our best for it to become a successful startup.

I am so grateful for all the support and mentoring that I have been receiving because it has led to many improvements of my idea until now.

I highly encourage anyone who has an idea, first to believe in themselves, and then apply in the T2P Center because it will lead you towards the best version of your project!”