We proudly present to you Drilon Cena, one of our Alumni, who graduated from IBC-M in 2015.

Right after graduation, Drilon started working as a Marketing Officer for a Canada-based firm. Two months later, he was promoted to Internet Marketing Manager within the same firm.

Currently, he is doing his thesis in Strategic Communication at one of the best universities in Sweden.

He said that “if I wouldn’t have the IBCM diploma I would not have a chance to apply neither get accepted at this University.” Speaking about the Marketing and Management program at IBC-M, he said that “If you like the program don’t hesitate to take it to cause the degree of IBCM it is worth it.

Here is Drilon’s message to current and new IBC-M students:

“Keep working hard cause so when you are out there not to get caught by surprise for the things that you could have learned but you didn’t.”

We wish Drilon the best of luck and success in her current and future endeavours!