The International Business Public College Mitrovica (IBC-M), is the first established Public College in Kosovo, it was established with the Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo No. 08-V-578 dated 10.07.2023, ratifying the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, No. 21/136, dated 22.03.2023, for the establishment of the International Business Public College Mitrovica as a higher education institution. IBC-M is an independent legal entity, and its mission represents the continuity and advancement of the same values created by the International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM).

Our offering

IBC-M excels as a leading higher education institution in Kosovo, blending European-style education with German-accredited degrees, English-language instruction, and a globally oriented academic community in Mitrovica. Specializing in Business, Technology, Management, and Social and Environmental Sciences, our focus on research and practical teaching meets both regional and global needs. Committed to European standards, our quality education prepares students for careers in international and EU contexts, enhancing professionalism and ethics in Kosovo. Recognized for academic excellence, strong graduate employment, comprehensive internships, and diverse development programs, IBC-M is the top choice for students seeking a world-class education.

Our vision

To be a leading college in Kosovo, offering accessible, high-quality education and promoting socio-economic integration and excellence in a diverse setting.

Our mission

Delivering academic excellence through the “theory to practice” model equipping students with knowledge and skills demanded in nowadays local and international markets.

Our values

Our values are reflected in our commitment to:

  • academic excellence;
  • International experience and mobility;
  • the highest standards of scientific and professional integrity;
  • enterprise cooperation and innovation;
  • enhancing students’ career development;
  • fostering diversity, equality, inclusivity, and accessibility; and
  • maintaining and adopting the most inspiring working environment.