Project name: Syllabus Development for University of Petra/Jordan/ Lecturing: Basic Entrepreneurship and Summer School

Donor: SPARK Jordan

Project timeline: June-December 2018





  • Update of teaching curricula and teaching methodologies of the Entrepreneurship and Creativity Syllabus University of Petra/Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences/Department of Business Administration


  • Organization of Entrepreneurship Summer School


IBC-M has assisted the University of Petra/Jordan to improve the relevance of their higher education for the labor market and society in Jordan through curricula and teaching methods up-scaling as well as creating sustainable models of interaction between universities and enterprises.

IBC-M in coordination with SPARK Jordan and the University of Petra has organized Entrepreneurship Summer School: intensive 3 weeks program, which trained 19 Jordan young entrepreneurs in the development of a sustainable business model for their business ideas. After the training, the young entrepreneurs pitched their business models in front of an evaluation committee. The best ideas were rewarded with a grant from the SPARK Jordan and the University of Petra.