Project name: Support to socio-economic stability in the western Balkans region 2017-2018/Business training


Project timeline: July 2018


Executive summary


IBCM has delivered tailored capacity building packages in the form of training for the project established and supported entities/target groups.


22 participants from North Mitrovica attended the following training:


  1. How to register a new business
  2. Taxes, contribution, and reporting
  3. Business administration


The trainings were delivered at IBCM Riverview Campus. 3 sessions were delivered within 2 days training: 4-5th July, from 10 am to 12 pm.


The training was successfully delivered to the participants who, being actively involved, had an opportunity to get the practical knowledge within the 3 topics. The participants expressed comprehension and interest in the presented topics. By the end of each training day, the objectives of covered modules were fully achieved.