Last week was successful for the ResearchCult project, by taking place a few events such the Project Steering Committee Meeting on 23rd of November, co-organized by IBC-M and the University of Zagreb, and the workshop on development of scientific journals, and Kosovo Research Information System. Because of the Covic-19 pandemics that has included the region and European countries, both events took place online.

In the Project Steering Committee meeting participated Rectors and Vice-Rectors from partners institutions from Kosovo, Italy, Croatia and Bulgaria, and representatives from Ministries of Education and Science from Kosovo and Croatia.

Steering Committee member were informed about the project activities and expected results, and the roles of partner institutions to support and benefit from the project implementation. The meeting also served the purpose of discussion and elaboration about the collaboration possibilities beyond the project. In particular it was discussed the possibilities between Kosovo and Croatia at the level of state authorities and among universities in the field of higher education and research.

During the meeting all partners stated that they are thankful for this opportunity to be part of this project agreed in extending collaborations for future projects and activities.

Partners stated that a successful cooperation between them will strength the relationships.

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