QUADIC workshop

Workshop and study visits under the QUADIC project have continued. This time, the QUADIC consortium participated in a 3-days workshop hosted by the project coordinator, The University Kadri Zeka (UKZ) from Gjilan.  The training was focused on Mobility programs for all: European funding schemes for organizing different kinds of mobilities for different target groups. EU partners from France and Italy presented good practices, processes, tools, and difficulties in the different stages of mobilities management. The University of Cote d’Azur presented the innovative actions deployed at their university and conducted the exercise for participants to develop a simplified process for encouraging mobilities. Part of the training was also used to share more information and instructions on managing lump-sum projects (preparing, implementing, and monitoring a lump-sum budget which is in line with the new model imposed by EACEA for all new actions). Steering Committee, Project Management, and Quality Assurance meetings also took place.

This visit was a great opportunity for sharing the best international practices and exchanging the newest trends in the area of student and staff mobility. EU partners’ expertise was shared within the QUADIC consortium with the aim to build various capacities of staff and enhance international activities at HEIs in Kosovo and Albania.

The QUADIC project is designed to improve higher education provision in nine Kosovo and five Albanian consortium members through international expertise enabled by European partners participating in the project.