The consortium of QUADIC project was hosted by The University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” (UGJFA) in Gjakova . Workshops, project meetings, and presentations were organized during 3 training days at the end of March. UGJFA is a leader in the quality assurance working package in QUADIC project and the main purpose of this visit was to finalize quality assurance reports for all partners covering all reporting periods. Quality assurance aims to ensure that, not only the activities described in the project application are completed according to the work plans, but also to ensure that the quality of these activities is at the appropriate standards and in line with the QA procedures. It is of the highest importance to maintain a high level of quality of the project and its outputs and to assure quality standards at all project phases.

QUADIC project is in the final phase of project implementation and this visit was also a great opportunity to present achievements made so far along with the impacts QUADIC project made to each participating institution, especially in the area of internationalization and project management.

By using the extensive expertise of EU partners involved in the project from France, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia, QUADIC project is designed to strengthen the international and project management component of HEIs and consortium members from Kosovo and Albania.