During the period from 24th – 29th March, IBC-M staff member, Professor Aleksandar Djikic participated in ERASMUS+ teacher mobility by spending a week at IBC-M’s partner institution, UCL – University College Lillebaelt located in Odense, Denmark. It was a very fruitful visit as a combination of delivering lecturers to Danish and international students, meetings with counterparts and tour of different departments at UCL. It was an excellent opportunity to spend some time with international students during field visits and to diagnose several field crops problems. Additionally, a visit was organized to see the largest and most important dairy industry Arla as well as a local dairy farm.

Professor Djikic is an experienced teacher at the IBC-M Environmental and Agricultural Management programme, therefore he had a chance to deliver classes during his visit to UCL by covering the following topics: Food Quality/Safety and Advanced Agriculture, Strategic Business Development and Basis of Food Technology.

The trip to Denmark will also help to further strengthen the links between IBC-M and its traditional partner institution UCL. Especially in the respective Environmental and Agricultural Management Department. By working on joint student projects, exchanging best international practice and knowledge, implementing credit mobility project for students, staff exchange in both sides and by exploring other ways to extend cooperation.

IBC-M is thankful to UCL for the truthful and long-lasting partnership since the beginning.