International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) announces an open call for the enrollment of 20 students on the module “Best European Practices in Environment and Agriculture” in the academic year 2020-2021 within the Jean Monnet project as a part of the ERASMUS+ programme.


The main goal of the ENACT module is to enable and provide education and continuous training in the field of Environmental and Agriculture Policy using the best EU practices. In that way, the module will serve as a strong ground in the creation of modern educational services about environmental and agriculture policy, aiming to achieve sustainable development in the region. The module aims to enhance the competencies of young people in the environment and agriculture management who want to advance a previously gained knowledge and learn more about the politics of EU integration.

Lectures within the ENACT module will start on March 12th. All lectures due to the situation with COVID will be held online. The module consists of three courses: 1) Environmental and agriculture legislation of the EU, 2) Agri-Environmental economics and sustainable growth: EU practice, and 3) Nature protection and environmental impact assessment in EU. The official language of lectures and other project activities is English.

Students, who complete all assignments within the ENACT module, will be awarded the ENACT certificate and ECTSs. The certificate will be issued by IBC-M and will represent a document that verifies gained knowledge, skills, and competences. The ECTS can be count and transferred to regular studies.

Participation in the ENACT module is free of charge for all students. The implementation of the ENACT module is organized under the Jean Monnet, ERASMUS+ programme.


Students eligible to enroll on the ENACT module are those who have:

  • at least a Bachelor’s degree in the field of environment, agriculture, economics, law, EU studies.

For more information (curriculum, academic staff, module concept, etc.), you can visit the ENACT website:


  • Filled in the application form
  • Diploma of previously completed degree (at least a Bachelor degree).

All interested persons are supposed to send the required documents via email: and

The deadline for applications is March 10th, 2021.

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