Ana chose IBC-M because it is helping make her dreams a reality! She finds the opportunities offered through IBC-M’s learning environment will give her a greater ability to implement her skills and knowledge in the future, while the options of both studying and interning abroad are not equaled elsewhere in Kosovo!

The connections she has developed, both personal and professional, with students, staff, professors and the directorate within the college, have been incredibly enjoyable, while also allowing her a feeling of freedom of communication to ask questions, discuss topics and themes openly, and receive help and support throughout her studies. Ana’s time at IBC-M allowed her to become part of the Student Marketing Ring team, whereby she took an active role within student recruitment from the planning process to implementation. Furthermore, she has taken part in charitable events to raise money for those in need, all of which she believes gives her greater insights into society, the importance of community and has allowed her to implement knowledge she has gained during her studies at IBC-M into practice.

The challenges Ana has experienced studying at IBC-M mostly emerged during the first semester, the adjustments required to enter full-time studies through English were difficult, getting used to the terminology and the expectations that all aspects of study are conducted through English. However, with a level of dedication, support from both classmates and professors this was overcome and Ana has successfully completed all semesters since starting her studies at IBC-M.

The student atmosphere at the college is one of the best aspects of studying IBC-M, in that – students at IBC-M take the first place in terms of their priority within the institution. She feels there is a ‘one big family’ feel, which she believes improves the learning environment and increases her knowledge through continuous communication with her peers. During this conversation, Ana reminisced about making pancakes, drinking coffee and hanging out with classmates during her breaks at IBC-M, noting that such activities increased the bond between them. Thank you Ana for taking the time to answer questions on your time studying at IBC-M.