The conference for launching the Assessment Report for the current state of research capacities in Kosovo universities is organized on 30 th of April 2021 as part of the project “Enhancing Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosova (ResearchCult)”, an Erasmus + project financed by European Union and coordinated by IBC-M.
The conference that was organised in a hybrid format (with physical presence and online) was participated by Kosovo universities as well as European universities, Ministry of Education in Kosovo and other project partners of the ResearchCult project. Mr. Harri Tuomola, Executive director of IBCM, the representative of the EU office in Kosovo, Mr.Stergios Tragudas, Ms. Jehona Lushaku from the Erasmus+ in Kosovo and Mr. Agron Bajraktari – on behalf of the Rectors conference greeted the organization of the conference.

The assessment report was conducted aiming to investigate the present state of research practice in public universities in Kosovo, which are beneficiary partners in the ReserchCult project. More
specifically, the assessment purpose was to focus on estimating baseline for a few important indicators, which could be regularly measured during and after the project
The presentation of the assessment report and the key findings of the report was presented by Mr. Florim Gallopani from IREDS. Regarding the strategic resources of Kosovo Universities for Research Offices and the good practices of the Sapienza University of Rome, a presentation was delivered from
Prof. Fiorienzia Deriu.
The conference continued with the presentation from Mr. Bujar Gallopeni – Project manager of ReserachCult project regarding the outputs and achievements of the project and with the presentation from Prof. Mihone Kerolli – Mustafa, IBCM college director on the synergies that ResearchCult and the other Erasmus+ projects at IBCM towards the University Autonomy and the Jean Monet curricula.