Damir, Marketing and Management student here at IBC-M, is finishing his fifth semester at VIKO VVF – Vilnaus Kolegijos Verslo Vadybos Fakultetas in Lithuania.

 To learn everything about Damir’s experience, his thoughts and perspectives on this exchange, we conducted a short interview. You can check his story below.


Lithuania in a few words?

Damir: Gražus ir malonus! (beautiful and pleasant).

VIKO in a few words?

Damir: Good and modern.

Your new friends in a few words?

Damir: Very positive! They are trying to help me in any possible way to adapt on life here in Lithuania.

Your experience so far in a few words?

Damir: So far, very good! But there is time in front of me to learn something new and to have new experiences.


What were your first impressions of Lithuania and the people there when you arrived?

Damir: Well, I am in Vilnius and so far I did not visit any other place outside the city, but as much as I saw I can tell that Lithuania is very beautiful county, with very clean cities. Also, people here are always trying to help you if you need help. There are many children in parks which is always positive and nice to see. So far I am very satisfied with the people, and culture of Lithuanians.

What are some similarities and differences between VIKO and IBC-M?

Damir: There are many similarities between VIKO and IBC-M. Ways of teaching, new technologies used in the teaching process, very qualified professors. Also, during lectures there are many practical examples which make VIKO very similar IBC-M. Definitely both colleges are modern, with good conditions, new methods and technology used for lectures and very good professors.

How did you decide to apply, what were the criteria?

Damir: I decided to apply for student exchange after I saw the information provided by IBC-M. The criteria were to have good grades, attendance at lectures and good knowledge of English language. I have met all the criteria so, now I am in Vilnius.

What was IBC-M’s role during application process?

Damir: IBC-M definitely played big role during this application process. When I wrote a motivation letter about student exchange in Lithuania, IBC-M decided to choose me among other students. They contacted VIKO and told that they decided to send me to be their first, let’s say representative on VIKO, because IBC-M did not sent any student in the past here in Lithuania.

What is your message to students who plan to go on exchanges abroad?

Damir: Erasmus+ student exchange possibility is a very big opportunity for every student and I would definitely recommend this to all students. If there is any possibility for student exchange in any country, just apply and go. It will be very important because of many things such as getting international knowledge, gaining new friends, learning about a new culture and gaining new skills which will be useful for the future.

Finally, we would like to thank Damir for his availability and willingness to respond, and send us the pictures. We wish him a great time in Lithuania and a lot of successes in his studies and life there!

So, what’s stopping you?

If you’re ready to get rid of excuses and start an amazing journey towards earning a degree and experience semesters abroad,  follow Damir’s footsteps and apply now: https://goo.gl/PEKCuG