With new restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic coming into effect this week until 18th April, 2021 there are a number of changes to the operations at both of IBC-M’s campuses. 

As of today, all classes and planned lessons will take place through online platforms, while examination resits will continue as previously planned, with some adjustments, at the Riverview or Riverside campuses. 

The Riverside and Riverview campuses will remain open during this period, while ensuring that the college adheres to the new restrictive measures and remains fully open and operational, and additional support from remote employees will enable the full functionality of all departments. Those that work from within the campus will be student-focused and deal with any urgent matters during this period, most notably the resit exam process that will be taking place this week. 

All other activities such as project implementation, student recruitment, student services, tuition and academic counselling will continue as normal. 

Until 18th April, 2021 all classes, tutorial sessions or similar will continue to take place online, this will be reviewed by the IBC-M management following further information from the authorities and further updates will be provided when available.