IBC-M has just completed its second phase of its project with SPARK Office in Jordan, by assisting the University of Petra. The project’s focus is to improve the relevance of their Entrepreneurship and Creativity course, thus improving the relevance of higher education resulting in improvements for the labour market and society across Jordan. This is being achieved through the use of an already existing Entrepreneurship and Creativity semester course, initially developed and implemented by IBCM.

The project addressed the flexibility of the current syllabus of Entrepreneurship and Creativity course, developing and delivering material for newly included modules. Facilitated through the introduction of new teaching methods and knowledge transfer to the University of Petra (Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences/Department of Business Administration). IBCM Lecturers Mrs. Violeta Nikolova and Mr. Niall Ardill were engaged in the delivery and implementation through co-teaching, developing and establishing start-up courses in IT sector, co-supervision of business students’ graduation projects and consultation for the Business Incubator SIQ development.

IBC-M is very proud to not only share its teaching methodology and know-how, but to also learn and develop together with all our partners.