Tuition Fees and Discounts

IBC-M operates as a non-profit educational foundation, and students are required to pay tuition fees in order to contribute to the running costs of the college. We aim to be inclusive to students from all socio-economic backgrounds, and so there are reductions available thanks to the support of our donors.

Tuition fees

For new students who reside in Kosovo, the tuition fee in October 2019 is 995 EUR/year. For students from Western Balkan countries (Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia), the tuition fee is 1295 EUR/year. For other international students, the tuition fee is 2500€/year.

This figure includes the price of all examinations, the majority of learning materials, and the first exam re-sit if required. The tuition fee is fixed for 3.5 years. After successfully passing the IBC-M entry exam, students will be asked to pay a 50 EUR registration fee, that will be discounted from their first-year tuition fee.

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Discounts and reductions

  • Family member discounts: New students with a family member (parent, child, sibling or spouse) currently studying at IBC-M, are entitled to a 20% reduction in their tuition fee.
  • Minority discounts: There is a discounted tuition fee for students from a minority background of 330 EUR per academic year. A student is considered as being from a minority if they are of Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Bosniak, Turkish or Gorani heritage, and have a residence in Kosovo. Given that this is already a heavily discounted rate, any other forms of discounts are not applicable. Students who receive this discount are required to maintain a high-grade average and attend regularly. Student performance is reviewed at the end of each semester.

Financial support

  • Student loans: IBC-M has a student loan agreement with NLB Bank, meaning that students can finance their tuition with no interest fee (this will be covered by IBC-M). Students wishing to take out a student loan should speak to student services.
  • Monthly payment plans: Students can pay their tuition fees on a monthly basis over a ten month period, but also choose other payment plans. IBC-M recommends a monthly payment plan, in order to avoid a possible accumulation of debt.

Payment Procedure

  • You can pay your tuition fee in one installment or pay in 10 monthly installments, from October through July.
  • Please be advised that all payments to IBC-M must be conducted via bank transfer.
  • Students who fail to pay their tuition fees on time and clear their debts will not be issued any official documents from the college and may be prohibited from sitting their exams until payment has been cleared as per the IBC-M Student Debt Policy.

If you wish to make a bank transfer, IBC-M’s banking details are:
NLB bank in Kosovo
Account holder: SPARK
Account number: 17-08-0016000669.53

More information about how to apply can be found here.

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Tuition fees for Master programme

The tuition fee for the Master programme for the academic year 2020/2021 are as follows:

Students from Kosovo – 2000 EUR

Students from the Western Balkans – 2000 EUR

International Students – 3000 EUR

After the successful enrollment of a student and receiving their study offer in order to secure their place in the programme all students have to pay a registration fee of 200 EUR.

The student who has received their Bachelor Diploma from IBC-M or are serving as public servants in Kosovo benefit from a 20% discount to the annual tuition fee.

Accreditation Certificate – Master in International Management and Leadership

Accreditation Validation Decision – Kosovo Accreditation Agency

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