Limited dorms are available for students coming from outside the Mitrovica region.

If you are able to provide evidence that you live further than 40km from IBC-M, or one hour commute, we offer FREE dormitory accommodation in the city.

  • The dorms are based in convenient locations in Mitrovica center (North and South)
  • All IBC-M dormitories are modern and furnished
  • All dormitories have a kitchen and bathroom
  • All dormitories have internet access

If you wish to receive free dormitory accommodation in Mitrovica you must:

  • Submit an application and successfully complete the IBC-M entrance exam.
  • Provide evidence that you live outside the Mitrovica region or 40+km away
  • Write a letter of motivation explaining why you wish to come to IBC-M

Please note:

  • There are a limited number of dormitory places available and accommodation is granted on a first come first serve basis;
  • Students who receive dormitory accommodation are required to maintain an average attendance of 75% and show good academic performance; 

For more information, please contact us:

IBC-M Riverside campus (Mitrovica South): +383 (0) 28 534 834 / +383 (0) 49 333 485

IBC-M Riverview campus (Mitrovica North): +381 (0) 28 409 013