“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -Malcom X

Graduation Day was a special day about our AP and Bachelor students, their families and IBC-M. Today was a rollercoaster of emotions for all the graduating students, for celebrating their achievements, reflecting on past trials and looking forward to their future goals.

During the opening speeches, our director, Dr Mihone Kerolli quoted that: “While this graduation ceremony marks an end to a certain part of your life and puts you on a new starting line. IBCM will always be behind you.”

And as Professor Jelena Djokic proudly said:”In a lifelong learning society, the aim of education is to learn how to learn. This is one of the basic tenets of education which is consistent with the underpinning principle of the education at IBCM.”

We are very proud to have had such bright and hard-working students in our IBC-M family. We hope they will have luck and success at every turn of their life and all their dreams will come true!