Lights, Camera, Fire is how the Hundred lanterns event began at IBC-M on the 14th at 18:00. We were able to see a student of IBC-M show off their scratching skills as the DJ for the event, and also the amazing skills of the Mitrovica Rock School band ElectoHear as they came and played for the students of IBC-M.

The students huddled around barrels of fire to stay warm when the cold wind blew, but when the music was good there was a lot of dancing around the fires. Also, a large line formed where the IBC-M student chef was busy cooking food for the hungry mouths waiting in anticipation for the delicious food.

With thanks to all those involved even the students helped set up and those who were thereafter to help with the cleanup. We hope you all had a great night, and if you want to come and visit IBC-M our doors will be open. Hope to see you all at our next event.