Earth Day

To commemorate Earth Day, an annual event that has taken place on April 22nd since 1970 to demonstrate the importance of support for environmental protection, the Student Representative Council (SRC), within IBC-M organized an open discussion with professors and members of GAIA. The main discussion topics were  focused on 3 key areas;

1. How to make the Earth a better place through reduced waste generation,
2. The increased use of reusable containers and packaging,
3. Increasing efforts to recycle waste.

The open discussion was followed by efforts to clean up the public areas that surround both IBC-M

Following the culmination of the open discussion, with inputs from Prof. Mihone Kerolli, Prof. Jelena Djokic, Prof. Muharrem Salihaj, Prof. Aleksandar Djikic, and Prof. Ekrem Gjokoj and extensive questions and answers session from the audience, along with presentations from the members of GAIA, this portion of the agenda was closed. After a short interval, the clean-up activity commenced in a number of locations within Mitrovica, this was again directed and led by the Student Representative Council of IBC-M, while the wider student body and member of GAIA contributed greatly to the efforts to impact the cleanliness and the reduction of litter and garbage build-up in the community. This event, as part of Earth Day, has become an annual event within the Student Representative Council and IBC-M calendar, while further activities are planned throughout the year by the SRC related to both environmental and other issues that impact them as a student body and the wider community at IBC-M and in Mitrovica. On behalf of IBC-M, we would like to thank the SRC for their efforts and coordination in undertaking yesterday’s event and we look forward to reporting on upcoming activities in the future.