Schools and colleges moving classes to the Internet Suspension of classes for a period of at least two weeks means a part-time break for students and teachers. However, majority of schools and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) won’t pause their teaching activities, instead they will move their classes to the Internet and online-learning. In order to…

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IBC-M to begin Coalition for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA) project

IBC-M to begin Coalition for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA) project IBC-M is delighted to announce the start of the Coalition for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA) project. The CHEQA project aims to improve networking of Kosovo’s Higher Education Institutions (HEI) through the creation of a sustainable model of interaction and establishing a  coalition of…

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IBC-M Entry Exams to continue online

IBC-M is offering the opportunity for the Entry Exam for the academic year 2020/21 to be taken online during the ongoing closure of the college. A number of high school students have already applied and taken the entrance exam, while a number of students were preparing to take the exam prior to the closure of…

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IBC-M Starts online classes

As of today, all IBC-M classes for Bachelor and Master degree programmes are taking place through the online distance learning platform BlueJeans. This platform, which will also be used for staff meetings and other group interactions, allows interactive learning to continue without the required presence in the classroom. Earlier this week the platform was tested…

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Charity … is kind, it is not easily provok’d, it thinks no evil, it believes all things, hopes all things.

During the week we, IBC-M students, participated in a Charity Fundraising activity organised by the SRC. We cooked and sold more than 200 sweets in the city centres of Mitrovica. With the collected fund we are going to buy presents and gift them to the special schools of Mitrovica, Qendra Burimore per Mesim dhe Keshillim…

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IBC-M Students lead Gender Equality and Human Rights workshop at Bedri Gjina Primary School

On December 17, International Sales and Marketing students, Agon Murati, Lorita Murataj, and Fisnik Hoti, led a workshop with OSCE Mission in Kosovo on “Challenging gender stereotypes: a way toward full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms” at the Bedri Gjina Primary School in Mitrovica. The primary school students learned how to challenge gender…

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Summer Work and Travel 2020

IBC-M students had the opportunity to participate on information session regarding Summer Work and Travel 2020 held at IBC-M Campuses on 3rd and 4th December 2019. We were pleased with the number of students who attended the information session at both campuses. It went really well and students were interested in participating in Summer Work…

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