Conference Venue

Date 15.09.2015

The conference will be held at Emerald Hotel, located in Prishtina. The Emerald Hotel is located on the main highway between Prishtina and Skopje, a 10-minute drive from the centre of Prishtina and a 15-minute drive from Gracanica and Prishtina International Airport.

Address: Pristina-Skopje Highway, 10000 Prishtina-Kosovo

There are two basic options to get the Prishtina and Emerald Hotel from arrival airport.

  • Taxi- Getting to the city center and Emerald hotel takes about 20 minutes; a taxi ride will cost about € 25. (see:
  • Bus- There is a 24 hour airport bus service, usually departing every two hours from outside of the city centre (Grand Hotel); tickets cost €3 and can be purchased on the bus. From the city centre to the Emerald Hotel, the taxi costs about €7.

Conference workshop venues:

Date: 16.09.2015

International Business College Mitrovica

Address: IBCM North Campus Building, Cara Dušana, Mitrovica, 40000