The MITROVICA INNOVATIONS SCIENTIFIC International Conference (MISIC) 2015 has now concluded.

The book of abstracts is available to download here. Full conference proceedings is available to download here.

Selected papers will be published in the following supporting journals:



The MISIC conference aims to provide a platform for leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the international business community to share ideas, present research findings and discuss the professional issues relevant to sustainable business growth in the region. This conference is organised by the International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM).

IBCM is situated in the town of Mitrovica, at the  centre of the Balkan region’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges. Located near the widely known Trepca mine, the tension between profit and prosperity, lack of scalability for an imperative business in a healthy economy, society and environment all come together in the Mitrovica region, symbolizing much of the wider struggles of the Western Balkans. At the core of all of these elements it is the fundamental goal to achieve sustainable solutions for long term growth.

The sustainability revolution towards “green growth” has emerged in order to find ways to make growth compatible with economic and environmental sustainability without neglecting social sustainability. The rich natural resources located in the Western Balkans have the potential to contribute to sustainable opportunities for both the local and global communities. However, due to the region’s geopolitical instability in recent history, cooperation among Western Balkan countries to further goals related to sustainable growth is progressing at a slow speed.

For the first time, IBCM will host a scientific conference, bringing together a variety of experts to present current projects and developments dressing the topic of sustainability in business, particularly as it is relevant to the challenges of the Western Balkan region:

  • In exploring scalability for a sustainable business development; and
  • Identifying new models and innovations with a potential to make the biggest economical, environmental and social impact on business.

This conference will attract researchers from a variety of fields to discuss and give visibility to successful initiatives on the role of sustainability in business and to promote the cooperation, prosperity and business regional sustainable development in the Western Balkans.

The attendance of more than 100 delegates including academics, policy-makers, students, and other relevant stakeholders, is expected.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

The MISIC 2015 Organising Committee


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